Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glad to see my kitchen after a long long time

Hi dear friends, I was in India for two months. Now I am back and so happy to see my husband and my kitchen after a long long time:) For people like me who are so fond of cooking, there are no words to describe the happiness I get in just seeing my kitchen after a long time, maybe Iam becoming very nostalgic here, but yes I have been that way, having an emotional attachment towards anything I have been using for a long time, even a keychain which I used to have from my working days in India.......
I am very greatful to everyone who were visiting my blog to see any updates. I am sorry I could not respond back to your comments during my absense. I have replied to all your comments now and I hope I would be able to post more treats from my kitchen soon. Once again "Thanks a lot friends !! "

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