Friday, June 14, 2013

Knock Out Almond Chewy Bar Cake

I love almond flavor !! There I said it..I seriously go crazy when it comes to adding extracts or flavors to my baked goods. It's one of those urges that make me go weak in my knees (or hands specifically ;)...These days it's Almond. But iam sure it's going to be that for a long time. I was specifically looking over internet for a almond based cake and came across one which took me by surprise since it lacked the usual leavening agents..Baking soda/Baking powder that is...I should have better known that it would make a very dense cake, but late night browsing does some weird decision making skills for next day. I bookmarked the recipe even though one of the reviewers wrote "it's "almost" like chewy bar" ....zzz..whatever..zzzzz

So next day I got ready with my pans and cups and spoons and was a one bowl cake,just mix everything together and dump in pan and bake. I did just that. And lo and behold !...the cake turned out exactly like a "chewy bar" :-( ...but wait.....
After the cake cooled , .... (did I say, the whole house was smelling heavenly good with the almond flavor?? mmm) , I cut a tiny "tasting" slice for myself. It tasted like some exotic culinary perfume bursting in my mouth craving for more cake :-) BH and Bubbles loved it too :)....It was not too sweet , just the way we like it here in my home. I smeared some pie filling on top of my slice and enjoyed it with my tea :-)


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