Sunday, November 23, 2008

RM2- Day23- Roasted Bell Pepper and Garlic Sandwich

I am on a mission to use my broiler to its maximum benefits:) I used it to make a lot of recipes in RM2 especially :) You may view them under the label "Broil" in my blog. So thanks to DK for hosting this event, hence I have been making good use of my broiler :-) . I made this easy sandwich which is healthy and equally tasty.
I seasoned the bell pepper with salt, pepper, olive oil, Italian seasoning, and onion powder. Meanwhile I microwaved few garlic cloves with the skin for 20 seconds , so that garlic is partially cooked. Then I slit the garlic and applied the same spices and oil to the garlic as I did for the bell pepper. I kept the garlic inside the Bell Pepper and broiled until the colour changed to a beautiful charred colour.
I then sandwiched them along with various cheese and also added some tomato flavoured roasted Potato (You may refer this link for the recipe of Broiled Potatoes , there is a variation I did this time and that was to add tomato paste as a flavour to the potatoes before broiling)between 2 Pumpernickel Bread slices . Then I added few drops of hot sauce to give it a hot shot :)

I sprayed some olive oil on both sides of the bread which was exposed and broiled until the bread became crispy. The bread was crunchy and tender every bite :) I would make this again as I now have another way to use up my bell Peppers. I would also caramelize onion the next time I make this sandwich :)

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