Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RM2- Day 11- Pancake-Wheat dosa

This is my post for RM2-Day 11. What happens when there is a little wheat (not sufficient for making roti nor for making 3 rounds of dosa) and that unused packet of Pancake mix in the pantry and you crave for a nice crispy dosa for breakfast? That's what happened to me one of these days, and I ended mixing the wheat and pancake mix batter in the 50:50 ratio and made crispy dosas. The dosas were surprisingly tasty. Here is what I did:


Wheat flour - 1 cup
Pancake mix (I used the buttermilk pancake mix) - 1 cup
Water - to make a smooth lump-free , batter which should just be free flowing, not runny
Minced green chillies- 2-3
Coriander leaves, curry leaves chopped finely - a few
Onion powder (Optional) - 1 teaspoon
Salt- to taste (be careful as the pancake mix already has a little bit of salt)


Mix everything and make dosas :) I served it with sambar.

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