Saturday, July 7, 2007

A heartfelt tribute to my dad

Hi friends, I was out of station for quiet a while......things were not so in place ....still trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together.....coz i lost my dad who was (still is) my dearest everloving pillar of support.......its like losing a piece of your life which you dont know how to put back together......and its still not sunk in my mind that he is not there, coz the last time i saw him, he seemed alright, infact never in my thoughts did it occur that when I embraced him, it wud be the last time......oh dad, how I wish I could hug you again, please come back to me, mom, and bro, we terribly miss you ......Oh God, please give him back to us, missing him a lot....just knowing that you are there beside me, gives a lot of courage and confidence dad,.....and if I knew what you were going through, I would have never left your bedside.....I dont know how you felt when I was leaving....but surely it was your prayer which made me come to India in midst of all the other chaos that was happening in my life.....I am so glad I did come , atleast I was able to be by your side, feeding you, helping you....god, iam just feeling so shockingly painful thinking that the past one year you did not even utter a word about what you were going through.....why dad? i feel all the more guilty and keep thinking, must I have done anything all those days to give you trouble? I miss you and I am terribly sorry for anything I must have done to hurt you......I just wish you were beside me:(

Chiffon cake

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Fish pickle

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Spicy Lemon Rice

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Bread Gulab Jamun

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