Saturday, November 22, 2008

RM2- Day 22- Edamame, Spinach gravy

I had written about Edamame in one of my previous posts. One of my readers asked me how it would taste if used in curries. I prepared a gravy using Edamame and Spinach. Edamame was very buttery and soft on the bite side and has a delicate flavor. I loved the combination with spinach. It gave a rich texture. Here is the gravy I made the base for which is the ingredients I made for the spicy Potato gravy which you may refer here. Just add Edamame and Spinach to it and you can have it with plain rice .
Day 22 RM2: Check what my buddies have prepared :
1) Siri, 2) Srivalli, 3) Ranji, 4)PJ, 5) Curry Leaf, 6) Medha,
7) Priya, 8) Bhawna, 9) Raaji, 10) Ruchii, 11) Anu, 12) Kamala,
13)DK, 14) Divya Kudua, 15) Rekha, 16) Divya M, 17)Lakshmi,
18)Raaga , 19) Lakshmi Venkatesh , 20) Sripriya, 21) Viji,
22) Kamalika, 23)Pavani,>,24)Karuna,25)Roochi

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