Sunday, April 21, 2013

Because you are you,.....Happy Birthday to our darling

Yesterday our Bubbles (from now on that's his name here) turned two. Can you believe it? Apart from feeling the rushing time in the form of first step, first word, first sentence,....he had the audacity to turn two , hmmmm , I just want to freeze the time and keep snuggling my Bubbles :) God bless you little one :)....

I baked his birthday cake this time since it was one of my goals this year. Also, not to mention, my first time frosting, decorating, etc. I must say I had fun while doing it, not to mention brainstorming myself for ideas haha :) The cake was a simple one, with no fancy filling. It was a Jungle/Spring combined theme birthday cake. I added certain flavor enhancers for added taste and moisture since I did not bake it from scratch. It tasted exactly the way I wanted, moist, and slight hints of the flavors I added. I will post the picture here, but if you need the recipe, please write to me. I wanted to post a longer one, but I am busy at moment.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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