Sunday, November 30, 2008

RM2-Day 30- Maida Halwa

This is a recipe I got from Easycrafts's Simple Indian Food- An Easy Cooking Blog.

It was so easy and it came out good. This being the last post for Recipe Marathon, I am thrilled I made it till here (yeah I missed a day, but I guess, 29 days of posting is not bad huh :)
It was a fun adventurous ride and I enjoyed the part of cooking and posting everyday :) I am motivated to keep blogging frequently because of this event , I must say :). It doesn't seem that tough to keep up with the Marathon , now that I look at it. I am glad I made a whole lot of new blog buddies too , yes that's one of the exciting part of running a Recipe Marathon :) . I am sure I would love to take part in another Marathon, not immediately though :)

Congrats to all of you fellow Marathoners in completing this race :) I thoroughly enjoyed running along with you people , it was fun to see so many recipes everyday !

Last Day Recipe Marathon 2 - Day30:

  1. DK
  2. Siri
  3. Srivalli
  4. Ranji
  5. PJ
  6. Curry Leaf
  7. Priya
  8. Bhawana
  9. Raaji
  10. Ruchii
  11. Anu
  12. Kamala
  13. Medha
  14. Divya Kudua
  15. Rekha
  16. Divya M
  17. Lakshmi
  18. Raaga
  19. Lakshmi Venkatesh
  20. Sripriya
  21. Viji
  22. Kamalika
  23. Pavani
  24. Karuna
  25. Roochi

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