Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RM2 - Day 18 - Coriander Dosa

My Amma makes delightful variations to the ordinary dishes, turning them into healthier, tastier versions. Her suggestions have always turned out perfect, such as adding sprouted lentils to idlis, dosas, or curries, adding a different spice to a dish which otherwise we dont think about. I must say my taste in food is/was inspired a lot from my mother. We both like spicy food, and garlic, share the same passion for tea, and have a great addiction to watch Food related programs on TV or articles on newspapers, she has a nice collection of recipes , some she wrote from the TV programs, some paper clippings, ...there is a sweet memory whenever I remember about her recipe collection, and that is, she never leaves even the simplest of recipes (the ones which come while they show the advertisement for a Pickle Masala brand) which she jots on whatever piece of paper she finds and writes with even the smallest pencil she could find when the narrator tells the recipes on TV.

One another amusing thing I remember is , how my brother comments on m mother's dedication to jotting down recipes, but never actually preparing anything from her collection of books :-) ... Actually I was the one who once referred her collection and made Pressure cooked Caramel Custard and my mom was so happy and overjoyed that she made me do this every time I used to come home for vacation from college. She used to tell that , Caramel Custard is your dish and your brother eats it only when you prepare (she never tried preparing it though ;-)

.....We still share recipes over phone and she is always very curious as to what all I make for V here :) I miss the fact that I was never able to cook anything properly before marriage, and I haven't yet got a chance to display my cooking abilities to her now after marriage because the only time I could spend with her , she wanted to cook something for me ....I am hoping I could make up for that sometime soon......

Let me share the recipe with you, this is also a great recipe to use up any left over Idli/Dosa batter: The batter for this dosa is the same as that for Adai dosa. I also had some left over plain dosa batter. The only addition I have made is to add lots of coriander and a bunch of Curry leaves and Onion powder, ginger powder (you may add minced ginger, it gives a real nice taste when you bite ginger in the dosa) to give a different taste. V loves it with a very simple Potato gravy I prepare .

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