Sunday, April 20, 2008

Phovu Kalleylolo

"Phovu Kalleylolo" (Phovu- Aval/Poha/Flattened/Beaten rice , Kalleylolo- Mixed) as it is called in Konkani is yet another prasadam especially during festivals and pujas. I remember people in our Konkani temple at Ernakulam serving this along with "Chone ukkeri" (light brown/dark brown Garbanzo (Channa) beans cooked and served with a tampering of coconut, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, salt. This was usually served when there used to be a puja sponsored by a devotee or during other auspicious occasions. I loved the spicy taste of the chone ukkeri and the sweetness of the Phovu to accompany with. Another version of this is a more wet mixture called "Godda Phovu" (God- Jaggery, Phovu-Beaten rice) which has sesame seeds, liquid jaggery poured on the Beaten rice.


Poha: 2 cups (you may use thick or thin, I prefer thin as its easy to mix)
Grated coconut: 1 1/2 cups
Grated Jaggery: 1 1/2 cups (you may also use sugar)
Coconut milk: a pinch (optional)


Mix poha and grated coconut along with a pinch of coconut milk thoroughly until the whole mixture softens up. It requires a bit of strength to soften it up. But its always best to mix by hands. The aim is to soften the roughness of the poha with the grated coconut. Add jaggery and mix it well with hands. Serve it the same day as its best served fresh. Store it in refrigerator, but remember that the freshness of the coconut doesn't last long.

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