'My Kitchen Treats' was started as my online journal of memoirs from a newly married girl's kitchen. I always had an interest in cooking, but just didn't have the courage to be involved in it because I didn't want to mess up my mom's clean kitchen :) .

...Initially it was my way of having a proof of the dishes I created, which I wanted to share with people who used to constantly ask me the question 'how will you cook for your family after marriage ? or I am worried how you would feed your husband without my help ?', something that is often asked us girls (married or not) in our community lol :D Glad to say I learned to cook without depending on those people who were overly concerned...

...All this was long time back, because now I am blogging for the purpose of personal enjoyment and at the same time keeping a journal of some of my favorite recipes. Initially it was called 'Welcome to my kitchen treats' which I thought was quiet a long name, hence cut it short to the present one 'My Kitchen Treats'.I hope to share some of my personal stories and amusing anecdotes along with some recipes that I tried and tested in my kitchen. I value each and every reader's comments, appreciate criticism if its written in a sugar coated way. The pictures, writings, or for that matter any content cannot be plagiarized. If you need to use my pictures, please ask. There would be a nominal fee depending on the material.

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