Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Loot from Goya and a Raffle

Hello readers,
As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received this loot of Goya products about which I was absolutely thrilled. Though Foodbuzz Tastemaker Programs always creates an atmosphere similar to opening a Christmas gift each time the loot arrives , this time, it created an extra happiness because it was Goya. Me and V have already been using Goya products for long time, Goya canned chickpeas, Goya olives, lentils have already been a part of our lives from the time we were in US. Hence I thought this was a right occasion time to write about it.

They even send two recipe books of Mexico and Caribbean dishes which can be made with Goya products and I loved the colorful and perfect photographs of the pictures in it. I am planning to try out some of the dishes in each book.

As part of the program, I also received raffle coupons for Goya products, which I am supposed to share with my blog readers :) So here is something for you too. (PS: Contest valid for US residents only. ) I will be posting a question here and you, readers are required to post a comment as an answer to my question along with your e-mail address (don't worry, I promise to never spam your e-mail address, unless its for the purpose of letting you know if you are the winner). I will draw a winner on Sunday, the 15th of September at 12 pm EST, and post the result on the same day. I will be shipping these raffle coupons (5 booklets with 6 coupons in each book....see the pic below, where the raffle coupons are marked with arrows) to the winner.

Here is the question:
Which recipe did you like best at 'My Kitchen Treats' ? Answer to this question should only be posted as a comment. Answers in the form of e-mails send to my e-mail address will not be considered as valid.

Hope you would enjoy answering this question as much as I enjoyed hosting this raffle !!


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