Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Giveaway ! pretty and useful cloth that is versatile too - The Hoorag

Hello dear readers , Happy New Year ! :-)
How have you all been?

I had been contacted by Hoorag sometimes back asking me if I was interested in writing a review of their product. I checked their website, after the person who e-mailed me quoted that Hoorag is used by chefs for uninterrupted cooking. I was curious to know what exactly it was, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a seamless bandana, that could be used surplus ways not just by a chef, but just by anybody , during outdoor activity like biking, hiking, a scarf , explained in the  video on their website.
I was also impressed with their selection of design and colors. The prices range from $9.99 to $14.99 for their store designs. You can even get customized versions, though you would have to contact them for the pricing.
I received their package of two Hoorags on Saturday, after I emailed them my choices. The designs I chose were :

- Groovy-Hoo
- Cocoa Bloomz

What I noticed was it was a hollow cylindrical shape piece of cloth that was seamless. It was 100% polyester fiber. And was a bit stretchable. It was lightweight, could easily fit in your pocket. I viewed their video once again to get a rough idea on how to use it, as I had never used a bandana before :-) , the closest I came to were hairbands during my childhood. Here is their video demo:

I tried some of their techniques of wearing it, and I found it easy to follow. It actually stayed quite snug and comfy on my head, and gave a neat appearance to my otherwise frizzy hair days :-) .

My partner tried it too and he was very impressed, and, he is a cap guy who is hard to please when it comes to things like this. The design I am using here for the review is a girlie version, hence he was not willing to the idea of us sharing it ;-) , he is planning to order one for himself customized with a Skull picture on it :-)  .... Hmm....
We were planning to go out with bub to a wildlife sanctuary, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to put the Hoorag to work. It indeed was helpful with keeping hair off my face, and keeping my head extra cozy under my cap. Also I really liked the design, it looked exactly the same as in the website, vibrant and colorful. I could not take any outdoorsy pics, but hope that these pics convey the idea to you :-) . I also liked it as a scarf.

Hope you liked my review :-) , and it got you interested in participating in the Giveaway ! The design for Giveaway is Cocoa Bloomz, the brown color one, as it's more gender neutral I think. Here is what I would like you to do :
Spread the word about the giveaway on my blog in any way you can. And comment about
1: how you found out about my blog (internet? friends? )
2: have you ever used bandanas?
The last date for commenting is Feb 27th, 2013. Non-Bloggers, you are most welcome to participate. The winner will be chosen through random number generator and announced on March 1st 2013.
PS: Contest participation restricted to US residents. Non-US residents, is there somebody willing to ship it from US or carry it with them for you to your place? (excludes the host of this giveaway ;-) ], then you might also participate .
Hope to see your comments soon :-) ......

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