Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bread pudding

I was eager to make this dish as I had a lot of left over whole wheat bread at home. Moreover, me and pudding go a long way back, when I was in my initial days of venturing in kitchen with mom. In fact those days my major interest was to cook something which my mom had not cooked, so that I can claim that I am the one who cooked it first :)) those crazy days, but my mom was also very happy about it as she always liked me around the kitchen. In fact we both used to prepare caramel pudding in our pressure cooker as we did not have an oven. The pudding used to come out good, except for its shape when I used to invert it on a plate. But the taste was too good. It tasted just like restaurant made ones. My brother who is a hard to please food critic :) [i hope he doesn't mind me writing this :) ].......used to love this pudding when I make, so I used to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment those days as I was the one who made it first at home. fact my mom made sure that it stayed that way as she purposely wanted me to make it whenever I was at home, it was like "my daughters cooking makes me happy" sort of thing :) .......
Coming back to bread pudding, I in fact found this recipe in one of my favorite blogs and decided to go with the recipe , except that I made it in my steam cooker and the time for cooking was 30 minutes.
Here is the recipe link:

Only thing I noticed was though my knife test for firmness of the pudding came out clean, after 30 minutes, I cooled it in refrigerator for another half hour, it still was not firm in the centre when I cut the pudding in half. So according to me, I guess the cooking time in pressure cooker or steam cooker should be around 1 hour.

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