Monday, November 24, 2008

RM2 -Day 24 - Spiced Tomato-Spinach Dosa

I love dosas and I have been looking forward to making different dosas. RM2 gave me an opportunity for that I can say :) My mom used to make dosas by adding Drumstick leaves (in Konkani we call this as "Mishinga Paththiye Polo" where Drumstick leaves are called "Mishinga Paththi" and "Polo" means Dosa)
I never found this leaf in the Indian store near our place or in any US food market. So I decided to find a nice substitute, considering the fact that I had a lot of leftover spinach. From the name of this dosa, you might have already guessed the ingredients and the way to make it. What I am about to share is the situation behind why I made this dosa. It came out of necessity.

To start with I was trying to use Urad flour and Rice flour to make the batter in the ratio (1 cup urad dal:2 cups Rice flour). I even added a very little pinch of yeast and a teaspoon of powdered fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) . The batter did not rise even a bit and I guess its because I failed to add enough water. So I added little more water and a little bit more yeast and kept it for fermentation another 3 hours. So total hours of fermentation = 12 hours + 3 hours = 18 hours. Still I couldn't see even a faint rise in the level of batter. I had enough of this and I was anxious that the whole batter would get spoiled if I kept it out any longer, so I took the batter out of the oven and transferred to the refrigerator. Today I added a little more water to the batter and a little more salt and did a quick taste testing, mmphh, no sour taste, just bland and nothing special like a dosa batter :( ....Thats when I decided to spice it up with my spices and Spinach and for that sourness a bit of tomato paste and a yet another piece of taste maker , the ginger. I minced it fine and added it to the batter and made crisp dosas. mmmm it tasted good at last :)

Methi leaves are also tasty leaves to add while making dosa. I had tried it and it had also tasted equally good.

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