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Idiyappam is a very popular dish of south india (especially Kerala). Its made either sweet or without the sweetness its made to eat with various traditional south indian gravies like "kadala curry" (channa masala or chickepea), "ishtoo (stew)", "chicken curry" ......or with just plain sugar and sweet coconut milk. To make it you need a Idiyappam mould which you get in almost all Indian stores. The same mould which is used to make Chakli can be used for making Idiyappam. So here is the recipe:


Rice flour which is roasted (no oil) , until its heated (or you get idiyappam flour in Indian stores): 1 cup
Water: 2 cups
Oil: 3 tablespoons
Salt: to taste


Let the rice flour cool and then sieve it (optional to sieve) to avoid lumps. Then add salt and mix it. Boil water in another vessel. Take the vessel off fire. Wait until it is a bit cool so that you dont burn your hands while mixing it later with rice flour. Add oil to the rice flour and mix well until the rice flours stick together to form a course mixture. Then slowly sprinke 2 tablespoons of water and mix again. Continue adding water and mixing (it is not necessary to use the entire two cups of boiled water) until you attain the desired consistency of idiyappam where, the rice and water for a smooth dough, which is a bit smoother than the chappatthi dough. Heat water in the steamer or cooker. Rub oil on the idli stands and inside the idiyappam mould. Then add the dough to the mould to fill it to the maximum. Make idiyappam on the idli stands using the mould and then keep the stand in the pressure cooker which is filled with sufficient water to cook the idiyappam. Cook and check for doneness after around 15 minutes or more.

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