Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cabbage ukkeri

Cabbage is a good source of fibre. Its important to have similar veggies for good bowel movement :) ......I have yet to try making different dishes using cabbage, but let me start with the basic cabbage "ukkeri" or cabbage "sabji" . Its easy to make like any other sabji, .....just cut into small pieces and add the tadka (1 teaspoon oil, mustard seeds, green chilli slit in the middle) and then add cabbage after the mustard seeds splutter. Reduce fire. Do not add water as the water content in the cabbage is sufficient to cook the cabbage. Add salt. Lower the fire to medium. Cover the vessel and let it cook until cabbage becomes tender.
My friend ramya said that she adds coconut gratings and lemon juice at the end. I suggest you can also try that as it would impart a different flavor.


Manjula said...

I just love this simple Cabbage Stir Fry. Yeah as you said one should be careful with water here..

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, this dish is indeed healthy and easy to make. I even add some grated coconut and lemon juice in addition to all that you have mentioned.

rv said...

@ manjula

Glad you liked it manjula, thanks for dropping in tht comment


Thanks ramya, I am including your suggestion as part of the post. Thanks for the comment

Swathi said...

Hi. I have tried this dish with my mother and must say that it is a healthy and tasty one. My mother also adds cashews and capsicum. Love it, when I get to eat those cashews

rv said...

Hi Swathi, Thanks fr your comment:) Yes this is a healthy one , ...I have never tried it with cashews and capscicum, seems very nice to me:) will try it some day:) Thanks for the idea:)

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