Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Palak Paneer

We had some Palak which we had bought last weel from a new Indian store that opened up in our area. And I was as usual very excited about it as I found that the prices were pretty affordable and they had a big store full of Indian groceries :) .......So I decided to make Palak Paneer which my husband loves a lot, and so do I , and so does most of us, right? :) .....The pics must not have come so well, and thats coz I was too impatient to concentrate on the picture quality as the aroma of the Palak Paneer was making me impatient to be long enough behind the camera hehe. Anyways here is the recipe:

Palak: a small bunch
Paneer: around 20 cubes or more as per your liking
Tomato: 1 nos Diced
Onion: 1 nos cut lengthwise
Garlic: 3 segments
Ginger Garlic paste: 3 teaspoons
Green Chilli: 3 nos minced
Coriander leaves (Cilantro): 4 - 5 strands
Coriander powder: 2 teaspoons
Cumin seeds: 2 teaspoons
Fenugreek seeds: 2 teaspoons
Butter or Oil for sauting
Pepper (optional)
  • Grind well the Palak along with garlic, coriander leaves , and a little water (or whey which is the left over water after making Paneer) .
  • Heat a little Butter and saute cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, garlic, green chilli, tomato and onion in the order while adding each these.
  • Add the ginger - garlic paste and saute, then add the coriander powder. Stir until well mixed. If the mixture starts to stick to the bottom, add a little water (say about 1 or 2 tablespoons) and stir again.
  • Add the ground Palak mixture and stir again. Add salt. Stir and keep the fire high. When the mixture starts boiling, add the paneer cubes and stir again. Wait until the mixture boils again.
  • Lower the fire and let it be like that for 2 minutes more. To make a thick gravy, mix a smooth paste of all purpose flour or rice flour mixed in some water.

There, your Palak paneer is ready!

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