Friday, July 20, 2007

Sev Chaat

Sev Chaat
The ingredients Green Chilli water
Chaat masala
Chopped Onions
Green peas curry

Make a curry of green peas (or pattani). Keep ready, chaat masala, finely chopped onions, Lemon extract, Sev (readily available in all Indian grocery stores), green chilli grinded with a little water and salt,Salsa(optional). Serve in the order above on a plate for a spicy version. For non-spicy version, you may omit the green chilli, and add a little bit of curd.


Kribha said...

sev chaat looks super yummy. I always long for these items when I walk in our market streets. Although they are avaiable in some snack shops , the one you get in road side stalls tastes very good than anything else. Your step by step pics are so great. will try it sometime this week. You have a nice blog here. Glad to know you.will keep in touch.
hey, I forgot. Congrats on your award.

rv said...

Thanks a lot dear for visiting my blog and posting a comment:) and Thanks for the award wishes too:)

ranji said...

hey this is just awesome....very similar to samosa chat :)!!!!thonanthu udha etha muuuuuuuuuuuu.......:)

rv said...

Thank you so much ranji :) Hugs to you :)

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