Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from Montana with a ssssighh.....

The "Rawhide Restaurant" from where we had delicious dinner
Local Rodeo

The Glacier: this pic was taken from a high zoom level with our camera, coz we were nowhere really near to the Glacier as seems from the pic

Hello friends:) I am back from Montana.....and yes as mentioned above with a ssssighh......I wish I could live forever in that heavenly place! Lots of everlasting memories.
Me and hubby flew to Montana on 30 Aug. We boarded two planes and reached at 11 pm mountain time. We couldnt see the place while driving in our rental car in the night to reach our hotel room. But definitly we got a feel of Montana in the plane from Minneapolis which we boarded as our fellow passengers were all were cheerful, somewhat innocent type of people, and moreover I always used to have a soft corner while interacting with people from the Wild Wild West:) They somehow appear to me as very jovial and free spirited:) Thats what Montana made me feel.

We stayed at Hampton Inn the night we reached Montana and left for Kalispell Glacier National Park the next day early morning where we were going to stay at the Apgar Village Lodge. Wow the scent of the country side atmosphere made me go crazy:) I was just liking this place more and more while passing each road, freshly cut grass, ranch with horses seen from a far distance, .....Just loved it. and cudnt wait to see more! Infact my hubby had thoughtfully carried our tripod along with us , using which we were clicking snaps almost on every road we stopped because of the breathtaking beauty of the place.

We had a really great time in Montana. Most of the time we were amazed at the beauty of the place. We went horseback riding and that was the first time I sat on a horse. His name is Rockefeller and he took care of me very well:) What I meant was I didnt feel scared or anxious:) He used to stop in between to have a snack and I had to lift his head up and kick him hard (that was what the guide told us to do when the horse was slowing down or stoping for a snack in between the ride) , ....it was a fun ride :) I enjoyed it, it was only at the end when we got down of our horses, did we realize that we had muscles on our base too :) It was paining hehehe :) , infact we had that pain for next 3 days...but its nothing compared to the fun we had:) Later that evening we went to see Rodeo, which was the traditional Rodeo . Me and hubby had once been to a sponsored Rodeo show and it cost us 35 bucks each! But here since it was a local Rodeo show where only the local people came, we just spend 8 dolars per person! and to top it we got a warm welcome and thanks from the entire Rodeo crowd and the people present when they knew we were from India :) That was a memorable occasion for hubby and me.

We had also been to a local town restaurant called "Rawhide" Believe me the name of the Restaurant has nothing to do with the food served coz me and hubby were left craving for more food inspite of filling our stomach with that delicious authentic country side food. Be sure to try the Grilled Fish , Pulled pork (this my hubby ate, and he had a good review abt it), and the salad bar ...

The last day at Kalispell, we went for Whitewater Rafting in Lake McDonalds, ....oh my god, that was super adventurous:) I was doing it for the first time and I loved every bit of it:) It was the best excercise one can get , we rowed for 3 hours, breaking in between for a few minutes, and the ripples and waves were fun and adventurous:)
We both felt very sad leaving Montana the next day morning...It was so much fun and somehow the place relaxes you with its atmosphere....I wish I could live forever in a place like Montana... Will always love you Montana for your lovely people and your scenic beauty!


Asha said...

How lucky!! I loved Montana,looks almost like Europe.River rafting sounds so much of fun,I want to do it one day in Ashville.It's always feels bad to come home after a fun vacation ,isn't it? Oh well.. hugs to you!:))

rv said...

Thanks dear, and yeah Montana is such a lovely place:) You too seem like a adventour person , my hubby is very adventorous, i was just the opposite until i got married :)
Hugs to you too! :)

Seena said...

good to read, we have very hot summer here..:(

rv said...

Thanks for the comment seena:) , i can imagine, here in Maryland also its very warm nowadays :(

Madhu said...

Hi roopa,
looks like you had a nice vacation, i'll be heading for a week vacation tomorrow.
thank you for taking time to leave comments. You have nice blog too..will be back to check out your recipes.

Happy cook said...

Wow Montana looks beautiful and it seems you had a great time.
And apparently good food

jeena said...

Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Jeena xx

click here for food recipes

Seena said...

hey where are you?

Kribha said...

Ah...You made me long to go to Montana. Nice descriptions. Thanks for the virtual tour.

rv said...

sorry for the delay in replying to all the comments dear friends. I was actually not in touch with my kitchen for a long time:) now iam back and am refreshed and glad to start blogging again.

Thanks for commenting back madhu!

@happy cook
Thanks for commenting dear, yes we had a good time.

Thanks for the comment jeena, yes will visit ur blog too!

Hi dear, i was in kerala for 2 months...just returned recently...thanks a lot for keeping in touch..

That was a lovely comment kribha, iam glad i was able to give u a virtual tour:)

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