Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My cutie bird :)

When I was making Idiyappam, I had some rice paste left in the Idiyappam press towards the end which I didn't feel like discarding. I always used to love playing with chapatti dough as a child. My mom used to purposely leave a ball of dough for me whenever she made rotis. So this time I decided to revive those memories and made this cutie bird out of the rice dough. Tinted its beaks with some red food color and used mustard seeds for the eyes :)


Mishmash ! said...

Very cute one! My granny used to make such shapes with the kozhukkatta dough. If you re interested, buy gum paste from craft stores and make such shapes, will look good on cakes :)

Maya Shanbhag said...

Oh, tht is cute and very creative of u ..

easycrafts said...

Truly creative and cute

Seena said...

Oh , little beauty!
looks lovely, Rv.

rv said...

Hey thats a wonderfull idea, i have this play dough which i got during this halloween at a party, never thoght abt using it on cakes, thank you :)

@Maya shanbhag
Thank you Maya:) By the way I checked your family tree, though I didnt know anyone, it inspired me to start my own:)

Thank you dear:)

:) Thank you seena!

Kribha said...

Looks very very cute. You have hands of an artist.

rv said...

Thanks dear, but no no iam no artist:) luckily the photo came out well:)

Kripa said...

ur cutey bird is looking so adorable.. looks like its come there from outside to take a whiff of ur cooking:) great idea!!!!

rv said...

Hi kripa:) Thanks for that cute comment:)

TBC said...

You made that bird? It looks sooooooo cute!

Jeena said...

Your bird is so cute what a lovely way to use up some left over dough. :-)

Sudha said...

Thanks a lot Roopa for comments on my blog :) btw i loved the birdie which u hav made with leftover iddiyappam dough :) u seems to have very artistic hand ;)

rv said...

Thank you dear:)

Thanks Jeena:)

I will be trying ur spinach cheese stuffed jalapenos (bell peppers in my case) ... abt artistic hand, thank you:) it was an instant artistic hand that developed when i had the left over dough hehe

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