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Patholi (Ada)

Hello dear readers, I am sorry for not being a blogger who updates the blog timely. I appreciate your comments and your visits because thats what which inspires me. I check my statcounter most of the times and I feel good when I see that my first time and >10times visitors have increased :) Thanks to all of you lovely readers :) Sometimes it just takes a visit to my statcounter or my comments section of the blog to make me temporarily forget about some worries in life that is always in the back of my head. Blogging for me is become an area to express myself, vent out (though I haven't done much :DD, but you can soon expect some of it , so please bear with me ) , and I am honestly very glad to be a part of this food blogging community here. Thanks to you readers/fellow bloggers who have been a constant source of inspiration and I hope I shall be able to keep up my spirits in the future too.

Coming to Patholi (Ada), this is a sweet treat prepared using rice flour- water paste which is spread on a plantain leaf, and then a sweet mixture made by combining jaggery, coconut, and poha (beaten rice, aval) is added as a stuffing on the rice paste. The plantain leaf is then folded into half and the ends tucked, which then goes into a steamer for 15 minutes.

Patholi (in konkani) or Ada (in northern parts of Kerala)/Ela Ada was one of my favorite prasadam from temple , that I remember having as a kid. I also remember my mom making it very rarely, maybe during her kitchen-experimental days when we were kids :D (yeah everyone goes through that experimental phase including the expert ones hehehe..) . I also remember recently confusing it with "Adai dosa" after marriage when my fil mentioned "Adai". That's because it is known in a different name in each part of the state as I mentioned initially. In konkani it is called "Patholi". Whatever be the name, its the light aroma of the sweet wrapped in plantain leaf which makes it adorable :) . I have also posted it's cousin version in one of my earlier post (kozhukkatta). I was lucky enough to find some plantain leaves in Market Basket.
I also want to mention that I found the method of preparing it in Sig's blog. I was glad to know that it just requires to spread the rice paste, add the filling and fold the leaf in half to get the shape ! That easy :) Coming to the recipe:


Plantain leaf cut in square or rectangular shape according to the size of the ada you want or can fit in the steamer

Roasted rice flour: 2 cups
Warm Water with a pinch of salt and oil: 2 - 2 1/2 cups to make a smooth dough with rice flour

For the filling :

Grated coconut: 1 cup
Grated/powdered jaggery: 1 cup
A pinch of coconut milk (optional)

How to make it:

Mix coconut and jaggery with your hands very well until well combined and soft. (There should not be too many lumps of jaggery). Note: Here in US the jaggery we get doesn't have impurities, so the step to boil the jaggery to form liquid and then straining it through sieve is avoided. You may use either the light brown jaggery cubes, or the old fashioned dark brown jaggery ball. I grated the jaggery using my knife. I found it tough using a grater for this purpose though. If any other method is available, I would be glad to know.

Next make a smooth dough using warm water with the rice flour and make a smooth dough. Clean the banana leaves and keep the steamer ready for cooking the ada. Take a small ball (like in chapathi dough) and keep it on the leaf. Start flattening it and same time spreading it on the leaf until it is as flat as possible. Then add a layer of coconut jaggery mix on top of this. Fold the leaf in half. Tuck the ends of the leaf . Place it in a steamer. Without the vent, steam the ada for about 5 - 7 minutes.

Take the steamer from the fire. Unfold the banana leaf and delicious ada inside the leaf is ready to eat. Serve it warm or after it cools down.


Dhivya said...

hmm ada looks so yumm and delicious!never made this before!must try

ranji said...

very happy to see u back in action roopa!!!lovely of my fav konkani sweets:)...lucky u get banana leaves...i never saw it never near my place:(...hoping to u see more of ur recipes...

Sig said...

Welcome back Roopa... Those banana leaves look so fresh and green... :) Mine are frozen, so they always have a dark blackish green color... :( ... The ada, I mean patholi looks great, love the addition of coco milk...

Roopa said...

Dhivya, thank you dear, this is a very simple sweet, yet delicious and authentic:)

Ranji, thanks so much to you:) , will prepare when you come to my place :) If banana leaves are not available, I think you can also use parchment paper. I havent tried though.

Sig, hey iam glad to see you here:) Thanks for the comment, and for the steps in your blog:) Yeah I think I was lucky to get fresh leaves, infact there is a lot of leaves in a packet. and touch wood, till now, they are fresh inside the refrigerator. I too like the taste of coconut milk in sweet dishes :)

Deepa said...

I'm mallu and I never realised that ada is so easy to make.
Thanks for the easy, I will definitely try this one.

Roopa said...

Hi deepa, yes this is a very recipe dish:) Do let me know how it comes out for you and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know:)

Divya said...

hey roopa..patholi looks delicious..i never get the right texture for this is the only thing i can attempt making..btw i have one doubt,did u use chemba rice flour?coz the patholi is looking brown na,thats y..please let me know.

Roopa said...

Hi divya, yes I used chemba rice flour as I had originally bought it to make puttu. I just wanted to have some patholi and had only this in my pantry as rice flour:) It tasted good though.

Trupti said...

hey dhivya, patoli looks delicious. This recipe is new to just looks like 'Modak'

Roopa said...

Hi trupti:) Thanks for the comment:) I guess you got confused with my name :) I guess the shape of modak differs region to region, the modak I know is round in shape and is fried. But I guess its not the same everywhere :)

Annu said...

mmmmmmmmm looks mouthwatering.After long time I am seeing Ada:-).Nice entry.

Roopa said...

Thanks Annu :) It really is mouthwatering, I am planning to prepare it again using white rice flour, as here I have used brown rice .

vladsinger said...

Hey, my mother made this today after quite a while. Yay!

4lene said...

Hey roopa.. Im a Goan and yea Patholi for us is usually made in HALDI leaves and not banana.. ofcourse as the same proceedure u mentioned!.. but will definitely try makin it wit banana leaves the nxt time ! ;)
Keep posting. ~

dbprabhu said...

Hi............ yummy!!!!!!
I made Patoli with a slight change in the ingrients, instead of jaggery i used sugar.
I am happy that mine too came out well!!!!

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