Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ududha Appay

Appay is a very common konkani breakfast/snack. I am sure its made in other communities too. But in konkani Appay made with Urad-dal is called "Ududha Appay". Though the name has only Urad dal, its basically made with the idli/dosa batter. I make a little variation by adding chopped shallots (for the picture click here) and minced ginger to the batter.

(Idli/dosa batter)To make Appay, you need Appay Kailee. The same "Appay Kailee" is used to make "Unniyappam" which is a sweet Appay. Now here is where I found that Appay is not just something made in India, but its popular in US too, with the difference that, in US they call it "Pancake Puffs" which is made with a different batter though, but its made on the same mould which we konkani's call it "Appay Kailee" . We had already bought our "Appay Kailee" from my in-law's house. When I saw it in the 'Bed, Bath and Beyond' store, I was so happy and surprised to see it. Here you get the non-stick version of the mold. The traditional ones in India is made with cast iron.

So here is how you make the Ududha Appay:


Idli/dosa batter
Optional : chopped shallots and minced ginger and chopped curry leaves mixed with batter.


1. Keep the mould on high flame. Pour 1/4 teaspoon oil in each mould.
2. Pour the batter in each mould such that the batter fills up to just half the mould. This is because the batter rises for forming the Appay. So there should be room for the Appay to rise in the mould. Optionally, sprinkle some Italian seasoning over the batter in each mould, for a little variation.

3. Let it cook until the edges of the Appay becomes very light brown. Mine burnt few Appay's as you can see the below pictures:)) . Don't let it burn, invert them when the edges are lightly brown.
4. Try to run a spoon through the edges to see if the Appay smoothly slides , so that it can be cooked on both sides.Invert all the Appay, when they are cooked on one side as seen below. Lower fire to medium high.

When all the Appay are cooked, transfer them onto a plate. Serve it with coconut chutney, sambar for breakfast, or as snack.

Done :)


Happy cook said...

It looks really nice, just like small idlies.
In kerala we use this pan to make unniyapom.
But then that is a sweet dessert made with jaggery etc...

Asha said...

YUMMY! I love it coconut chutney!:)

ranji said...

ooooh roopa..thonanthu uddha etha..been a very long time since i made this..even though i have the mould i dont know why i forget to use it:)..will make batter this weekend amke this :)..

kamala said...

Hi Roopa Appam comes out perfect!!!

Uma said...


Raaga said...

Nice :-) I made these too

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is a very nice recipe. This is called in different ways in many cuisines. YUM! Turned out so perfect for u...

Suma Rajesh said...

i really miss them a lot....i think it has been since 2 years i have had appo....v dont have mould even in India....have to soon buy...mouthwatering...

FoodieFriend said...

looks yummy!
Nice recipe and nice pics too!
Happy blogging!

Roopa said...

Hi Happy cook, yeah these look like mini idlis hehe:) i also love unniyappam:) wud make it soon:)

Asha, I too love it with chutney:) and also with dosa/idli podi

Ranji, I am sure you will have a nice time making these:)

Kamala, thanks a lot dear:)

Uma, thank you :)

Raaga, just checked out your version, loved it too:)

Sukanya, yes its called my different names, and made with very slight variations too, thanks for stopping by dear:)

Suma, you can get these in Bed bath beyond too, check your local bbb store, I am sure you wud find one of these:) Its easier buying it from there rather than buying from Indian store where you dont have a return policy (not that you wud return it :) , but there is guarantee for the product)

Foodiefriend: Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog:)

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

beautiful, roopa!! u were on a lil break right? i used to check back often, but missed this post!! welcome back!! we use the same mold to make uniyappom in kerala, love those and these look just as tempting!!!

Roopa said...

Thanks a bunch dear JZ for checking out my blog when I wasnt blogging:) That really made me feel so happy :) Yes I know about Unniyappam, infact I am planning to make those today if possible:)

Rajani said...

hi roopa, thanks for dropping by at my blog! I'd tried leaving a message earlier but I think the whole thing timed out or something. Anyways, was wondering how someone from Kerala is so well versed with konkani - kannadiga cooking.

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