Friday, October 17, 2008

Back after my break :)

Hello Friends !!

I am back after a long break. And that was refreshing indeed :) My in-law was visiting us. Hence I was really busy. Did I mention I started driving around quiet a lot after I got my licence 3 months back? Yes thats the most exciting thing I do now. I never realized until now , when I drive alone, that driving is exciting as well as fun. We visited Niagara (that was my first trip too), and had a really wonderful time watching the amazing falls there. I had never been so close to any waterfall before like this. Me and V shared our driving, so that was the first time I drove 8 hours on a highway. That was indeed tiring, but a very new experience.

We also went to the Southwick Zoo in Mendon,MA. Loved feeding the Deers. It tickles when they lick our hand :-) ....We also visited the Old Sturbridge Village in Mendon where we got to see how people lived during the old times. It was a different experience. The people in the village were dressed in their traditional attire of the old times. And any villager passing by , especially men , politely raise their hats when a woman passes by :)

I also learnt some new recipes which I will be posting soon. I thought of saying a big 'Hello' to all my friends and readers :) Thank you so much for writing to me. I would also like to Thank so many blogger friends of mine from whom I got many awards.

A peek into the recipes that will be posted soon:

- Pickle (Veg)
- Tofu gravy (Veg)
- Cake and Dessert
- Snacks (Veg and Non-Veg)


Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Glad to see u back Roopa. It seems u had a great time with ur in-law's... Looking forward of ur new recipes...

Cham said...

I stayed so many years in MA but never visted Mendon :(
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

hi roopa....this is my first visit to ur blog and i must say u have a wonderful collection of recipes....have enjoyed visit my blog when time permits..:-)

Happy cook said...

Welcome back and looking froward to all tour recipes

Usha said...

Sounds like you had a great trip...looking forward to your recipe posts too :)

Andhra Flavors said...

Welcome back. Looking froward to ur recipes

Suma Rajesh said...

welcome back roopa...waiting for more recipe

Sreepadma Divakar said...

Hi Roopa
uddudha appay is one of my fav too. i bought a patty pan thinking i can make appay in that. Do u have any idea how to 'bake' appay as i dont have appay kailee. have to get one when i visit my place next time. migele duveke chaang laagatha 'uddudha appay'. i made sambar with that which goes well too(we tried that when we were in india, good combo).


Divya Kudua said...

Welcome back Roopa..missed you!!waiting to see new recipes from you!!

Subodh said...

Dear Roopa and readers,

I am writing as the Editor of, where we are capturing a variety of Indian memories. We have a newly launched section called Dadi Nani Cooking, where each recipe has a personal story attached to it. The idea is to record how food was cooked/eaten/enjoyed in the past. Please check out

I would very much like to get such recipes from you - only 1-2 per person. Please contact me at

You can read a bit about me at

Subodh Mathur

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