Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spicy Chicken Kabab

Well, my mouth waters when I hear kabab, what about your's? I had never eaten much kabab in my life, but the only time I ate, I craved for more, but unwillingly had to stop myself when I had to make choice between the money I had to pay to the vendor and my appetite for kabab, as the former was tooo expensive for me to handle. Anyways, recently, I was behind my husband to buy me skewers, and he kep delaying the thing promising me that he would buy me the metal skewers instead of the wooden ones, .....ofcourse my patience (especially when I don't get the tools to cook when I am trying to cook something new) didnt last long ;) I made up my mind and when we went to Walmart for some other reason, the first thing I did was to disappear from my husband's eyes to hunt for skewers.....I got it finally, though it was wooden, before my husband could utter his protest against it, I had made up my mind and convinced him my way :) .......So today I tried making kababs as hubby is coming tonight , and I wanted to surprise him with this,....The kababs were done beautifully the first time itself. I am so happy, because now I dont need to spend even a dollar to have those restaurant style kababs be it in US or India. and I was able to prepare yet another dish to satisfy my hubby's palate...and as always I want to actually thank him for being a very cooperative glass slide (thats what they use in experiments in chemistry labs right ? ;) in all my cooking ventures :)) ....I am posting the pictures here, here is the recipe:
Chicken breast (or thigh) skinless bonneless : 2 medium sized cut into bite size pieces.
Onion: 1 nos sliced in squares
Onion: 1 nos
Garlic: 3 segments
GreenChilli : 3 nos
Tomato: 1 nos
Coriander leaves: 4 - 5 strands
Ginger garlic paste
Grind all these to form a thick but smooth paste. You can also add some store bought Tandoori Chicken Masala powder this marinade to get the color and a different taste.
For grilling:
Wooden skewers or metal skewers (i used the wooden skewers) If using wooden skewers, soak them in water for 30 minutes before using them.
Marinate the chicken pieces in the marinade overnight or atleast 2 hours. Remember, the longer you marinate, the tender the chicken becomes.
Preheat oven to highest temperature. I put it at around 400 degrees F.
Piece the skewers through a chicken piece. Then bring the chicken piece all the way to the edge, but leave a little space, so that you have space to hold both ends of the skewers with your hands.
Add a onion piece following the chicken piece. Repeat this process of adding chicken and onion alternately depending on the length of your skewer.
Repeat the process with the rest of the skewers.
Keep a holding tray in the oven beneath the rack where you plan to place the skewers. The holding tray is important as the chicken pieces should be placed in such a way that the excess marinade on the chicken piece should be falling off the chicken pieces onto the holding tray, else the kababs remain soggy which is not a good kabab.
Grill for around 30 minutes or until nthe chicken pieces have black spots which shows that its grilled properly. In between turn the skewers to let the chicken pieces to be grilled uniformly.
Sprinkle some lemon drops on the kababs when they are done. Your spicy chicken kabab is ready to be relished :) Enjoy!


Professor Howdy said...


Dear Friend,

After much thought, I have decided
to leave 'Thought & Humor'.

The reasons are many but they all boil
down to this: Nobody writes me anymore
so it must mean that you don't like me
or my UNC jokes, riddles, cartoons
or funny pictures:O(

I was hoping people would contact me
by posting a kind message in the
"comments" on this blog but no one has.


P.S. All of you liberals can now be happy
because I am giving up. You have finally
won after 10 years of publishing...

P.P.S. The sad song playing on my blog
really fits my mood! You know I think
that I might have possibly visited your
site awhile back. Do you remember
or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

This is nice stuff to try out at he outdoors.

rv said...

Hi anonymous,

I am glad you found it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roops,

Nice stuff dear... its not only presented well, but also is tempting enuf that i can almost taste it hehehehhehe...

Jokes apart...real good one! havent been able to access ur scrap book.. done anything to it?

rv said...

Thanks for that comment Deepika:)

Asha said...

ry,Kababs looks delicious:))

Takes a little time to make them but they are worth the time.Enjoy.

rv said...

@ Asha
Thank you for visiting my blog ,I am glad you liked the kabab :) ...yes its a bit time consuming, but fun to do during this spring time for outdoor activities, ....Liked your blog too, loads of delicious recipes :)

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