Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cheesy Potato Bonda

Cheesy Potato Bonda ready!
Frying the bonda
Batter to be used for making the Bonda
Making balls out of the cooked ingredients and cheese
Mixing cheese with the rest of the ingredients
Hi I prepared Potato Bonda (Batata Vada) with a very small twist. Added mozarella cheese (fat free brand) after mixing the remaining ingredients. Hope you too enjoy it. Add more cheese if you want a very cheesy taste. In konkani potato is called "kook", and so this dish is called "kookkache bonda". You may refer my snack section for the recipe for potato bonda which I had posted in my archives.


Anonymous said...

Hi how come no recipe in your snack corner for potato bond

rv said...

Hi :) thanks for visiting my blog ! I have already posted a recipe for Potato Bonda in my archives. You can find it in the following link:

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