Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is the name I gave to this crazy snack I made yesterday. I thought of this name as its made of chappati, and when made tastes like samosa. So the name Tortilla + Samosa = Torttosa. Its easy, just stuff some vegetable curry into a tortilla (or chappatthi), in that case the name becomes chapposa ;)) and deep fry it. I know you must be thinking I have completly lost my mind. Yes, after tries of making some corn potato kabab, became unsuccessful, I wanted to use up the remaining potato curry. So this is what I came up with. I am posting the pics above. You might also see the unsuccessful corn potato kababs. Just ignore them. Look at Tortosa :)


Freya and Paul said...

No, you're crazy! Those Kebabs steal the show. Although I would probably ask for seconds and thirds for both of them.

P.S. Love your blog mission statement. Everyone should get back in the kitchen.

Seena said...

hey, great invention. I liked it.All recipes looks nice..I love spicy snacks..

rv said...

@ Freya and Paul

:) I am so glad you liked both the dishes ..I visited your blog too, my god, they made me feel hungry like anything !

I had started this blog because I too was a fresher in cooking initially until I got married 2 years back :) a good natured "guinea pig" husband who tolerates everything I make :)

rv said...

@ Seena

:) Hey dear thanks for visiting my blog again you, I too love spicy snacks, and I always make it extra hot , and unlike me my husband doesnt like spiciness, but poor thing he eats whatever i make , keeping a cup of curd by his side...

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