Monday, July 30, 2007

Gulab Jamun

Hi , I prepared Gulab Jamun, Dahi Vada, and Pathrodo this weekend as my husband had returned home from DC after 5 days...He thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Dahi Vada as he is a big fan of curd. Me and his father teases him by telling that he considers curd as the main dish and anything else served is considered sidedish :)) (when everyone would otherwise tell "we take curd as a side dish, not the main dish") wont believe he takes curd even with dosa!!I got the recipe for gulab jamun from the following blog :

It came out good, except that my sugar syrup was not hot enough for the jamuns to swell. Even then it was tasty:) ...I asked Annita (the above blog's owner) , about the jamuns not swelling in the syrup I had made, and she told me that I need to add the fried jamuns immedietly in hot boiling syrup. I will try it next time. I have posted the pics anyways...


Asha said...

rv,I love Jamuns too,looks great dear girl!
Here is what I do when they don't swell much.Put the Jamuns with syrup in the microwave for 1 or 2 mins and heat.Not too long,they will break up!:D Hope that helps.Enjoy.

rv said...

Thanks a lot Asha :) ....It is so nice to see your comment , that too being the first one to comment:) I will also try to be like that the next time you post something new :) ....Thanks for the tip too !

TBC said...

First time here.
You have a good collection of recipes here.
Gulab jamuns look good!

rv said...

Thanks TBC, for visiting my site and for the kind comment:) ....Hope to see you more often :) ..Take Care

tisha said...

ur blog is ur recipes they turn out so good.I am a die hard fan of ur adai,it tastes great.keep up the good work

rv said...

Hi Tisha, you made my day dear :) Thank you for that really nice comment:) ...iam very delighted to know that you like my blog:)

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