Monday, November 19, 2007

Aloo Paratha

Stuffed parathas (no matter what the stuffing is) has been both me and my husband's favorites. Aloo stuffing is something I never could make properly. This time during my India visit, my husband's uncle had learned few tricks of the trade in cooking from his wife and taught me the same. I should mention a special thanks to chaachi (uncle's wife) who was the person to teach uncle. I was so amazed as I never was spilling any of the stuffing and making a mess while making the parathas and parathas came out so well. These are the tips I learned:

Cooked potatoes should be mashed really well. It should form a paste (dont add water)

The balls made from the dough should be quite larger (a little smaller than a rubber ball) than the normal ones we make for chappathi.

After making the balls, before adding the stuffing, using both your palms and fingers start flattening the dough after generously rolling in the wheat flour. While flattening the ball , do it in a way so that it forms a slight depression in the middle. Dont flatten it too much,just flatten it slightly so that the edges can cover the potato filling which is to be kept.

After keeping the stuffing, bring all edges towards the top and though there is no correct way to close these, the final mission is to actually seal the edges by gathering the edges on the top. Dont use water to seal.
After sealing the edes, the ball should now look like a "Chinese Momo dumpling" (the shape ofcourse) . Now generously roll the ball in the flour and again slowly flatten it using your fingers, but this time make sure not to create the depression, the mission is to gently spread the potato stuffing evenly. Just flatten it a bit and then roll it using a rolling pin. Generously dip in flour in between. (I didnt have to dip it in flour much as it was really easy to roll than the regular chappatthi!! ) . I then realized that aloo paratha is not a rocket science dish to make. Its easy to make. Just try it out and let me know too! I didnt click the step by step pics. I will post the same another time I make aloo paratha.

Note: I had used 2 1/2 cups wheat flour, 1 medium sized potato, 1/2 medium sized onion, minced green chilli, salt.


Kribha said...

whoa are in a full swing after your India trip. 2 posts in an hour. Aloo paratha is my fav too. Nice picture. I make it the same way too.

rv said...

hehe yeah kribha, iam in full swing blogging today:) "Its raining recipes" ;) on my blog today :))

Shivapriya said...

Oh I remember my first stuffed parathas. The stuffing always use to spill out, but not anymore. Long back I have post aloo paratha in my blog. Yours looks soft and yummy.

easycrafts said...

Perfect looking parathas, my favourite

rv said...

Thanks for visiting my blog dear! Saw your blog too, its lovely:)

rv said...

Thanks a lot for that comment easycraft!

Seena said...

glad to see u back with so many recipes..! mm, surely yummy..

Roopa said...

Thank you Seena, guess I replied very late for your comment, sorry abt that Seena:)

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