Monday, November 19, 2007


Hi dear friends,
I have been meaning to make nankhatai from long time. By the way, I was always disappointed with preparing other versions of cookies which contains egg. I did a bit of research and what I learned is as follows:

The cookie doesnt become as crisp or crunchy because of the following culprits: egg-white, more of liquid in the recipe, butter melted and added when it is warm.

The cookie usually hardens after it is cooled

When you see the edges getting slightly browned remove it from the oven and keep it for cooling on a cool surface. Even if the surface of the cookie feels uncooked, it usually hardens when it is cools down.

Do not melt butter in microwave and add it immedietly to the recipe. Let the butter come to room temperature and then mash it with a spoon to soften it.

I hope these tips are useful. I jotted it from my personal experience. I havent been successful in making a cookie whose recipe calls for eggs. So "Nankhatai" is the first cookie which was my success at cookie making. There was one thing which I didnt like about the cookie I made and that is the strong flavor of butter that was in the cookie as I am not fond of the flavor of butter in anything. But I guess the rest of you might like it. I got the recipe from Trupti's version of nankhatai .
One more update: I did not bake it for 20-25 minutes as the recipe calls for. I took the cookie out of the oven as soon as the edges started turning golden brown. I allowed the cookies to cool and it hardened and became the right texture. Also I kept the oven for preheating just 10 minutes before I made the cookie balls from the dough and also I kept the oven temperature at 350 F instead of the 375 F . Oven temprature is something which varies depending on the oven at your home. Mine had caused so many burns on the previously experimented cookies. So this time I decreased the temprature.


Kribha said...

I've come across this recipe a few times in the blogsphere and was always wishing to try it. Now it's time to get to action I guess. Thanks for all those wonderful tips. Beautiful presentation with the roasted cashews.

Ashu said...

Lovely! Sigh.. i miss having an oven :( Can I make them in a microwave?

rv said...

Thanks dear:) I am glad I was able to share something useful here. I hope you would like the cookie when you make it.

Thanks for the comment dear, abt the oven thing, I havent tried it without oven, and I too had tried searching for a recipe which doesnt use the oven to make this, but I remember my mother making a cookie without oven and without eggs. She made it in pressure cooker (dont remember wheter she used the whistle or not. When I get a chance I will ask her and let you know:)

Ashu said...

Roopa, Thanks a lot! Do let me know! I would love to make nankhatai's in the cooker:)
I tried them out in my microwave and it was a real disaster as they didn't cook properly :D

Nags said...

nice! i am going to bake this weekend :)

rv said...

I will surely let you know when I get its recipe from my mom:)

Thanks for visiting my blog nags:) I hope you enjoy it and the tips I gave proves useful to you!

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