Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fish Curry in coconut milk

This is a easy dish which has a very nice taste because I used thick coconut milk using the store bought coconut paste. It tasted like the nadan meen curry from kerala . I sauteed thinly sliced onion, tomato, ginger, garlic in 2 tablespoons coconut oil, until the oil separated varying the stove temperature between high and medium to get a nice paste out of the above added ingredients. I also added a pinch of salt and garam masala powder to coat the mixture on the stove. I then added the fish pieces (which were marinated in turmeric powder (a pinch) , coriander powder(1 teaspoon), pepper powder, lemon juice and salt for 1/2 hour) and carefully gave a light stir to combine everything uniformly. Then I added a bit of thin coconut milk to prevent anything from getting burned in the vessel. It also helps it to infuse the coconut milk flavor in the dish if they are added bit by bit and stirred in between. I added this thin coconut milk just to cover the fish pieces. Waited for the fish pieces to be cooked completely and then added the thick coconut milk. and lowered the fire to medium and gave a nice stir. Switch off the stove. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil and to finish garnish with curry leaves,thinly sliced fried shallots, and red chilli tampered in oil. When you hear the sizzling sound of heated coconut oil while you add the tampering, you know you just cant wait to gobble the whole thing with steamed rice or steamed tapioca:)


Seena said...

You have posted many recipes together?
I like this fish curry, me too have posted one there. Loved your husband's "love filled " dish.Great!
I too enjoy some times here DH makes only sausages or peas..:)

rv said...

Hey Seena:) Yes I wrote these recipes and published them together....yeah i know love filled dishes are the best! Glad to know abt yours too:)

Nags said...

i love coconut milk based gravies :) nice!

Kribha said...

Fish curry is my fav for anytime of the day. Even breakfast. Looks very delicious.

rv said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the comment! I am also a big fan of coconut milk based gravies. I made a similar dish with chicken too and we loved it :)

You bet , its my favorite too! :)

Amey said...

are u living in framingham?i was living in natick. recently we moved to waltham.i am from the way your recepies look great.

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