Sunday, December 2, 2007

A healthy homely meal

This is what we had for our dinner one of these days. A healthy meal including rice, My husband's trade- secret dish, Moong-dal, Odi (that delicious thing was given by my cousin:) , and Plantain Flower upperi.


Kribha said...

That's a wholesome and delicious meal. When I looked at your menu only I was reminded of the plantain flower I bought last week. Did no cooking for the past 4 days. Got to check the fridge now.

rv said...

Hi kribha, I too enjoy such simple yet nutritious meals:)

Siri said...

I got to see the lovely Odi(yams) after such a loong time RV! Can u post the recipe for Plantain Flower Upperi?

The Thali is indeed healthy and tempting!

~ Siri

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Now this is what I call comfort food!!! looks gr8 and healthy

rv said...

hi siri, thanks for that:) , i have posted the plantain flower upperi- the link to it is:

rv said...

Thanks a lot Ramya:) Yes i too like to call it comfort food:)

Soul Cocina said...

Comfort food for sure!

Do you know what this is?

I thought you might be able to help me identify this unique indian fruit.

Thanks for your help.

I enjoy your blog.


Vani said...

Hi RV! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Oh, I do empathize with your advice-giver situation - there seems no nice way of telling people to shut up already, is there?! :) A friend of mine suggested that I ask my annoying advice-giver to read my post but chances are she would never recognize herself in that! These days though, it has gotten better with her, I must say. Each time she starts with her "you should...", I cut her off with an unrelated comment like "oh, i forgot to do something" or "hey, whatever happened with ..". It has been easier that way.

Love your recipes. I don't think I've had banana flower in at least 10 years! Your hubby's moong dal usli looks yum!

rv said...

@Soul Cocina
Hi!! Thank you for commenting! About the fruit, I do not know about it. I tried to get its name from my friends and relatives, but wasnt able to. I am sorry I am not of help here.

rv said...

Hey thanks for replying:) ur suggested method seems like a nice one, but in my case the person just is adamant on making the point that they want to :) no escape other than cleaning my ears after a conversation :))

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