Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beetroot - Cucumber Raita

Hi friends, these days I am trying to incorporate a lot of veggies and maintain a well balanced diet. I had some beetroot and cucumber. I was tired of making the same beetroot curry which goes along with roti. I wanted to try something different. Long back, I had been to a friend's place where she had prepared a delicious raita with grated veggies and it tasted out of the world with roti and rice. Moreover, V likes curd with anything and if anything is made out of curd, he would just gobble the whole thing :) I decided to use the Beetroot and Cucumber to make this raita and let me tell you it came out really well. I also used thinly sliced onions in this. I will give a tip I learned from my mother, to incorporate the Onions in the raita. Though is really simple, it makes a good difference in the taste. Let me tell you that this raita also served as a wonderful dip with potato wafers.

Beetroot : 1/2 is enough to make a bowl (as in picture) of raita
Cucumber: 1
Onion: 1/2 thinly sliced
Curd: 3-4 tablespoons or as needed (do not add water to the raita to make it thin)
Salt: as needed


Let me start with the tip I was telling about. Apply a little salt to the thinly sliced onion and mix it well and keep it aside. This takes that raw acid like taste you get when you bite the onion. Grate the Beetroot and Cucumber in the same bowl used for making raita.
Now squeeze the water from the salted onions (try to squeeze the maximum water with your hand. You will see that the onions become very tender and soft and fragile(not exactly the word I wanted to use (:D (i hope this word would help describe the look and feel of the onion) and discard that water and add the onions to the grated Beetroot and Cucumber. Add the curd to this and mix it well with a fork. You will see that a small amount of curd is sufficient for this raita. If needed add a little more salt to taste. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve it as a side dish with roti or as a dip with wafers.


ranji said...

beetroot raitha looks like some strawbery cream :)...feel like licking my tongue over it....

Susan said...

Roopa, the only way I like beetroot is savory, not sweet. Great tip about salting the onion. I had no idea, although I do salt other veggies to extract water from them. I fancy that harsh taste, but I'll be sure to try it salted even in a simple salad. I'm very curious. Thanks!

Roopa said...

Thank you ranji :)


Susan, I too like beetroot in the savory dishes, than the sweet. Yes its a good idea to extract the water from the onions after salting them as it takes out most of the acidic raw taste, without losing any flavor of onion. Do let me know how it turned out for you :) Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, hope to see you around :)

Uma said...

the raita looks so lovely. Nice color. a very innovative raita!

I liked your lentil instant dosa too.

Roopa said...

Hi Uma, Thanks a lot for visiting my blog:) and Thank you for your nice comment:) Do try them when you get a chance and let me know:)

Ramki said...

Hi Roopa,
Have blogged your Raita as a model recipe in One page cookbook at http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com/

/Thanks for the recipe

Archy said...

lovely color of the Raita Roopa!!
Tempting pic !!

Roopa said...

Thank you Ramki !! I am very happy to see your comment :)


Thank you Archy:) Its easy, you should try it:)

Anitha said...

Tried your beetroot raita recipe, my family fell in love with it asked me to prepare next day again!
Awesome, thanks again for posting!

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