Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some self tried tips

a) To clean your counter top in kitchen when it has stubborn grease and mess using baking soda. First wipe the counter top with a wet towel and then sprinkle baking soda all over to. Then after a minute using a wet paper napkin ( preferably) , start scrubbing the counter top, you will immedietly see that the some of the stubborn grease starts coming off. Rinse the paper napkin and again repeat (It might take a while if the cleaning has not been done for a long time). But be patient.

b) Freshly crushed pepper is much better than ground pepper. Just add it to your daily omelete or scrambled egg to start with to know the difference:)

c) The dried leaves of a plant act as good manure to the plant. I tried it on my rose plant.

d) If you have problems or restrictions owning a pet (even an aquarium) and you are so fond of owning something, own a plant:) its like taking care of a kid:) water it, nourish it (all this can be done with less cost than owning a pet) , and it will smile at you with its new leaves, and budding flowers, even better if you grow vegetables, you get your own home grown veggies:) You can even buy a pot from your local "stop n shop" store .

e) If you feel hungry and very tempted to snack on chips, sweets, just calm down and go to the fridge and grab the whole bunch of fruits, cereals, nuts, milk (just do that without thinking that you are going to eat them). Then start hogging with these, dont even grab a plate, just hog on this:) might think I have completly lost my mind, believe me, it works mostly.

f) I read it somewhere in Internet: To avoid unnessesary stress in life:

- There is no need to make your home look like those in movies or soaps or even cookery shows
- Think baby steps: It works not only when you are on the mission to learn something new, but also when you want to adjust with difficult people.
- Just thank God for what he is given you till now, not just keep asking for more. Its always a "ThanksGiving Day" (or night) when it comes to God ;)


Sagari said...

nice post RV

rv said...

Thank you Sagari :)

Seena said...

I liked the last line! :)
Have seen many become desperate watching other's house..
Love garlic chicken, whatever you cook chicken, send me...:)

mathew said...

my two cents..
if you are really really thirsty dont go and buy that can of pepsi..

In a glass of buttermilk..smash a small piece of ginger..add half green chilly, few curry leaves and whip it up..this tastes awesome..:-)

btw thanks for droppin by my humble dumb food blog..;-P

rv said...

Thanks for commenting Seena:) Yes I would surely send you any chicken dish I prepare :)

Hey thanks for those tips too :)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi rv
Thanks for passing by and leaving a lovely comment.I find your blog post interesting and useful.Thanks for posting the tips for the kitchen.

ranji said...

hey roopa.....a very interesting post!!!gr8 ideas and tips...thanku so much!!!

ranji said...

roopa i have another doubt i am added into the foodie blogroll but how do i display everyones blog in my blog the scroll down thing help me out

rv said...

Anamika, I loved your blog , those cakes were looking like the ones they make in "Ace of Cakes" :) Thanks for commenting:)

rv said...

Ranji, Thank you dear, I have posted the reply for your question in your blog, hope you found it. By the way I can already see your blog in the list, thats good to start with :)

jesse said...

Wow, what helpful kitchen tips! I especially love the baking soda one ;) Will definitely try that out today. Thank you!

Toothfairyrecipes said...

Great tips, thank you. I would also suggest cleaning and putting things away immediately after your done with them, I've been doing this for couple of weeks now and it works and I dont fear the cleaning days anymore:-)

Cynthia said...

I enjoyed this read and it was helpful.

RV, I see that you and I are already best friends - we both love Tom Hanks :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and helping me to discover yours. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Have a great weekend.

rv said...

Hi Jesse, I am glad you liked these tips. I am sure the baking soda works wonders, coz my kitchen range was in a mess and using baking soda helped a lot!

Thats so true dear. Cleaning just becomes so easier when we put things away immedietly after using them :)

Hi Cynthia ! I am glad to see you here :) Thanks a lot for the comment, I liked your blog a lot too! I am glad you consider me your friend !

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