Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coffee maker - Oats kanji

This was something I experimented after watching the "Good Eats" show on Food Network channel. The host was explaining about benefits about Oats and the various ways it can be used. Towards the end of the show he showed a trick of having a nice Oats porridge using the Coffee maker.

He poured the water in the coffee maker . Added the Oats, some milk and a little cinnamon to the mug where the coffee usually dispenses. When the machine was switched on, the hot water cooked the oats and in a few seconds, delicious Oats porridge was ready !

I decided to experiment with just water and Oats and a little salt, because I was not fond of having milk with Oats. It was equally good and healthy !


Divya Vikram said...

watched this show oats too

ranji said...

i eat oats when i am on diet!!!.very healthy..neat idea:)

Roopa said...

Divya, yeah this show is my favorite, he tells so many interesting and useful tips :)

Ranji: same here, I otherwise wud have wasted the left over oats if not for this kanji :)

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