Thursday, May 1, 2008

French toast by my sweet V

Let me be honest about something, during my childhood, I used to crave for getting sick !! Just for skipping school and also for another special reason:) Wonder what? I used to get pampered by everyone especially my mom ;) You must be thinking how silly I am :) But honestly I loved it when she used to fuss over me with those warm light dinner (I used to have pej (kanji) with green moong dalithoy, and some chowli ukkeri :) (I don't know the exact name in English for chowli, it looks like string beans, but very long)..mmmm...that along with my mom's love and affection was the best medicine :) She also used to prepare chukku kaapi, also gave me Gooseberry (Amla) to munch on (According to my Amma, Amla is a very good medicine) She never favored the antibiotics (or even pain relievers) during the early onset of the fever. Salt water gargle was/is the pain reliever she recommends. She used to tell that my body's natural immunity decreases if we take tablets, when we are not that sick. I was also forced to have a Chyawanprash from a local Ayurvedic doctor , who made it using only fresh Amla. I personally tried to avoid it (though my attempts were futile as Amma somehow used to find out) as it used to make my teeth temporarily yellow in color.

All this story for what? Let me come to present tense :) I was not well past few weeks as the flu bug hit me and I was down with fever, runny nose and a very bad throat. On such days, V feels very proud to show how much he cares, so he prepares his special breakfasts for me :) He made me French toasts one such morning and I devoured it as I was hungry and still recovering from a sore throat which made it worse to swallow any food the previous night. He also made me a nice cup of hot coffee to go along with the French toast and I was feeling so good :) I remembered my childhood days. Same time, was amused to see V's beaming face when I hungrily gobbled the food he prepared.

I feel good acknowledging V's culinary attempts in my blog as I owe him for eating anything I make hehe :D . This is my second post of V's secret dish . The first post can be seen here. I have completely recovered, but the bug is now on poor V and he is down with Cold !


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Great that you are back in form.
chowli ukkeri--would be neelathilulla payar
Chammanthi,Payar, kanji, and ithiri achar :-)

Roopa said...

Hi Nikhil ! :) Yeah I am all better now . As you have writte, chowli indeed is neelathilulla payar, I could not gets its english name through Google. Chammanthi (onakka thenga chammanthi) is also an inevitable with kanji alle? :) My father in law made it this time when I was at V's home.

ranji said...

awesome french toast V...:)..when do we get to eat V's culinary talents:))...maybe B and V can cook 1 day !!what say u roopa???:)

Roopa said...

haha, you can taste his culinary delights anytime you want:) Yes nice idea about B and V cooking :)...

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