Monday, August 22, 2011

Knock knock:)

Dear readers !

Hope you all had a fun Gokulashtami :) We, definitely had especially since this was out first one with our lil bundle of joy.....!! Yes you read that right :) , and V are proud parents of our 4 month old baby boy. He is a sweetheart ! And I am enjoying every minute of being a ful time mom to him. He was born on April 20th this year. And that's the reason I mentioned in my last post that I would be taking a break the rest of the year :) ....Though it's been 4 moths , am still learning new things about motherhood everyday. In terms of cooking I am beginning or at least trying to learn how to cook (or for that matter do anything and everything) with one hand , LOL ! G is very interested in knowing everything I do when he is in my arm, he doesn't want to miss a thing ! :)) hence I have now slowly developed this habit of talking to him about whatever I am doing when 'we' do the chores. Even while shopping I do that, thankfully he keenly listens :)

My mother had come few months back and I enjoyed every minute of it (as usual I was in tears when she was leaving , and so did she as G is her first grandchild and he used to be all cozy in her lap when she used to make him sleep)...... no price for guessing what I enjoyed the best when she was mom's cooking !! Mmmmmm.... the memories of amma's handmade comfort food is still fresh in my mind.... I learned so many things about cooking while she was here... And I plan to share those here as time permits, ....for now my hands are full :) but soon I plan to click an share some nutritious and healthy recipes from my mom :) Till then
hope you would not forget this space :)

take care
Roopa and G ( yeah he is right here on my lap doing zzzzz) and Iam typing this from my iPod touch) ;)


Arc said...

Congrats, Roopa.. same story baby too is stuck to me like glue.. and I have a toddler to care for too.. so I have double trouble here.. enjoy every fleeting moment with the baby..

notyet100 said...

Congrats,do post pic soon :)

Priya said...

Congrats Roopa, enjoy each & every moments with ur lil one..

AswathiBabu said...

Hearty congrats....waiting for yr nutritious posts

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