Friday, March 23, 2007


I recently made this dish after getting information about it from one of my neighbours here. Its easy and can be prepared in no time. Can be had as a brunch item:) So here is the recipe:


Bread: 8 slices cut into small pieces
Green Chilli
Ginger - Garlic paste
Eggs: 3 nos
Water as needed to make the batter
Coriander powder

Combine everything except bread and water. Combine bread and water seperately in a bowl to form a paste. Add the other ingredients mixture which was combined first. Add more water until a batter similar to the dosa batter is formed. Heat a griddle, and spread a laddle full (the batter might be thick so it might help if you can spread the batter on the griddle with a spoon to get the shape and thickness). Cover it with a plate until the dosa is cooked well. Flip the dosa to cook the other side as well. Your dosa is ready!

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