Thursday, November 20, 2008

RM2- Day 20 - Sweet corn Edamame soup

We had purchased frozen Edamame during our grocery shopping last weekend. I was looking forward to incorporate it in our food for health benefits. Edamame is a Japanese preparation of baby soybean in the pods, for further information please refer :

I was inspired to buy Edamame after seeing one of Alton Brown's show on Food Network on Edamame. I decided to make mine and V's all time favorite soup : Sweet Corn soup with Edamame as addition. To make Sweet corn soup, I prefer to buy the canned version of sweet corn cream style, add a little water , some veggies like cabbage, green chilli, and ofcourse Edamame.

I added 50:50 portions of the cream style corn and water along with the veggies, salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, simmered it , and under low fire, for 20 minutes. Served it with Broiled Cheesy Garlic Bread, the recipe for which will be posted in the next few days :)

I cant wait to know what my buddies have prepared in their kitchen:

1) Siri, 2) Srivalli, 3) Ranji, 4)PJ, 5) Curry Leaf, 6) Medha,
7) Priya, 8) Bhawna, 9) Raaji, 10) Ruchii, 11) Anu, 12) Kamala,
13)DK, 14) Divya Kudua, 15) Rekha, 16) Divya M, 17)Lakshmi,
18)Raaga , 19) Lakshmi Venkatesh , 20) Sripriya, 21) Viji,
22) Kamalika, 23)Pavani,>,24)Karuna,25)Roochi


Malar Gandhi said...

Sounds simple and tasty.

Medhaa said...

soup looks nice and hearthy

Happy cook said...

Wow delicious soup. Looks beautiful

Cham said...

Warming bowl of soup, never used edamame in soup. Good idea :)

Curry Leaf said...

Looks lovely.I too have frozen edamame.Searching recipes :(. healthy and delish

ranji said...

Perfect season to slurp on :)..edamamme is new to me...looks like peas...only oval shape..wonder what it tastes like...something i should try someday!!!love the cheesy garlicky bread too..looks perfectly crisp :)

Sagari said...

looks very creamy roopa

kamala said...

Perfect for this cold winter Roopa..ur bowl is so inviting

karuna said...

a nice bowl of soup for chilly winters.

raaji said...

Roopa i hav these in the frozen section but was not sure what to use never bought does a curry with this taste???

Divya Kudua said...

Yummy soup Roopa...slurp slurp..;-)..have never heard of edamame..though sweet corn soup is one of our fave..;-)..btw you seem to be on a template changing spree..lolz...I love this one though..;-)

Sophie said...

This soup recipe is new to me but it sounds so creamy and delicious! I'd love to include your recipe on our blog, please email me if you're interested.

Sophie, Key Ingredient Chief Blogger

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