Friday, November 21, 2008

RM2- Day 21- Broiled Cheesy Garlic Pumpernickel Bread

Don't let the words Pumpernickel scare you off :) Its just a mildly flavoured bread. The flavour includes the caraway seeds, rye, and other ingredients. We buy the dark version of Pumpernickel bread. If you want to know more refer here:

I loved the unique taste of this bread and its deep color. I decided to make Garlic bread out of it, but then I remembered that we had recently purchased a cheese named : Gouda , and Swiss cheese ,and I wanted to try it. So I decided to make Cheese Garlic bread in my broiler. I referred the Internet to know how garlic breads are usually prepared, and I decided to make my version with different spices.
The Swiss cheese

Gouda cheese
Pumpernickel bread

This is how I made it:


Pumpernickel bread (you may use any other loaf bread or the traditional French or Italian bread used for Garlic bread): 2 slices
Butter: 1/4 cup
Olive Oil : 1 tablespoon
Mashed garlic (Microwave garlic with their skin for 15 seconds) : 5 cloves
Onion powder
Italian seasoning
Cheese slice (I used Swiss cheese): 2 nos
Grated cheese (I used Gouda cheese)

Mix butter along with salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, Italian seasoning, olive oil and form a thick spreadable paste. Apply it on all sides of the bread slices. Add grated cheese on any top of the bread slices. I placed these slices on a aluminium foil leaving space between each slice so as to broil them individually. I broiled them until all the cheese melted. Then I sandwiched one slice of cheese between the bread slices and the other on the top the sandwich slice and broiled until the cheese melted and forms a light brown coating on the cheese.

This can be served as such or dunk into a hot bowl of soup such as Sweet Corn Edamame Soup :-)

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SriLekha said...

first time to ur blog and u have nice set of recipes here
do visit my blog and
join in the sweet event going in my blog!

Happy cook said...

This looks really cheesey and healthy with the bread.

Divya Kudua said... drooling Roopa..;-)...garlic bread is an all time favorite..those cheesy breads look so inviting...never heard about the bread though..I use white bread and occassionally wheat bread..great great cheesy entry!!

Medhaa said...

this sure looks delicious

raaji said...

didnt hear of that cheese......there are hell ot of cheeses out there...

ranji said...

This ones a sure winner roopa....would love a bite of that crispy cheesy bread with tomato soup as well :)...never heard of the bread though..pumpernickel huh!!!had tried gouda cheese ones..both of us didnt like cheese sounds it :)..good one

Cham said...

Love Gouda! Very melting top great accompanied with soup

Madhu said...

something new to learn,never came across this kind of bread. Bread with cheeses looks yummy.

Curry Leaf said...

Yummy,very good with soup,Love cheese as well as garlic bread

Rachel said...

very cheesy....:)

Suma Rajesh said...

looks elegant and cheesyy..

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